Referral Programs

Earn CASH one friend at a time!

As a special THANK YOU for joining the Westgate Travel Club we’ve added an extra perk to your membership that you are sure to love! Refer your family, friends and co-workers to Westgate for their vacation needs. You will receive $150 credit for each referral that takes a preview at one of our exciting vacation destinations and 5-star properties and becomes a member of Westgate Travel Club.

You can apply your $150 credit toward your account balance, renewal fee or Westgate Club Week.

Get Started Today Putting Your Referral List Together!

Review your personal address book and determine who would be interested in receiving a special savings via the Travel Club. Consider business contacts and acquaintances as well, such as:

Relatives Dentist
Friends Lawyers
Neighbors Teachers
Work Associates Accountant
Florist PTA Members
Insurance Agent Church Parishioners
Veterinarian Doctors

... and the list goes on. Who else do you know?